Andoni Galdeano is an artist and designer currently sharing his life and work between Portugal and the Azores. You can browse some of his artwork in this website and also make sure to check his social media links below for more. His prolific work has been presented on canvas, surfboards, skateboards, fins, textiles and others.

At the beginning of the 80s he started designing both logos and collections for activewear companies such as Puma, Avia, New Balance, Chiemsee, Matador, Mistral, Dragon and Electric.  In the Winter, he also collaborated in the design of outdoor brands or shops like Telemark, Frostrice, Surfin', Wax and White World in the world-renowned ski resort of Sierra Nevada.

Later, he started developing surfing brands and shops in the mythical "Street of Surf Shops" in Tarifa: Sons of the Desert, Sharki, Xtrem, Bull, Wax, and Natural Planet,  while continuing his prolific work drawing season designs for No Work Team, Mala Mujer, Tarifa Piratas, Tramontana and Explora. But Andoni's best known logo and brand are probably El Niño Sweetwear, which has become the most famous surfwear brand in Spain and known all around Europe and the world. 

Andoni feels that the time has come to create a new brand yet again, this time his most personal one, simply called, now available worldwide online only for the first time, in two separate e-stores: Apparel and Accessories and Prints.

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